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Setup Entourage 2008 with UCSB Connect

  1. Update your Office 2008 to version 12.3.6
  2. If it isn't already closed, close Entourage now.
  3. Download and install Entourage 2008 Web Service Edition patch EWS-1316-EN.dmg. The one with the March 11, 2013 release date
  4. Double-click Entourage 2008, Web Service Edition.
  5. Open Entourage. Go to Tools --> Accounts
  6. Click New --> Exchange...
  7. Type your email address in the address field
  8. Click My account is on an Exchange server check box. Click the Next arrow
  9. When the error "Entourage was redirected to the server" click Always use my response for this server checkbox. Click Allow
  10. Domain:
    Account ID:
    Password: ucsbnetid password. Click Ok
  11. When you see "Automatic Configuration Succeeded" dialog box, click the next arrow
  12. Verify your settings are correct then click the next arrow
  13. Click the Verify My Settings button to double verify your account settings with the server
  14. Once you see, "Your account settings have been successfully verified" click the next arrow
  15. Give your account a name that you prefer (eg. UCSB Email) It can be anything you want
  16. Click Finish
  17. Your email will begin to synchronize, Give it time. The more email you have, the longer it will take. You may now close the window below
  18. If you don't see your email appearing, click the name of your account in the top left corner of the left pane.

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