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Office 2010 documents open in protected view


  • When opening a Microsoft Office 2010 document from a network device you receive the following message and aren't able to save the document.

Protected View This file originated from an Internet location and might be unsafe. Click for more details.

Cause: This is a default setting in Microsoft Office 2010 to protect your computer from potentially harmful macros and ActiveX elements that may be embedded in documents originating from the internet, email, or shared network folder.


  • Disable Trusted Documents setting in Microsoft Office.

    Note: It may be necessary to perform this task for every Office application that gives you this message.
    Warning: After disabling Trusted Documents, please be vigilant about opening documents from unknown sources; particularly, email attachments from strangers.

  1. Click the File tab.
  2. Then select Options.

  3. Select Trust Center from the Excel Options list.
  4. Now click the Trust Center Settings... button.

  5. Select Trusted Documents from the Trust Center list.
  6. Check the box to Disable Trusted Documents.

  7. Click OK and close all the option windows.

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