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Your copy of Microsoft Office 2003 is not genuine


  • When starting Office 2003, you receive a pop-up stating your copy is not genuine

This copy of Microsoft Office is not genuine.

  • You see a toolbar at the top of your Office application that states your copy is not genuine

This copy of Office is not genuine. Click here to learn more.

Cause: Microsoft invalidated the license key used when Office 2003 was first installed on your computer.


  • Change your license key.

Warning: Incorrect editing of your registry may render your computer inoperable. Please don't attempt this if you are uncertain, instead, fill out a help request.

  1. Exit all Microsoft Office applications
  2. Click Start, then select Run... and type in: regedit
  4. Select Software
  5. Select Microsoft
  6. Select Office
  7. Select 11.0
  8. Select Registration
  9. Select the sub-folder below Registration, it should be a series of numbers between two curly braces
  10. Delete the following two entries in the right hand pane: DigitalProductID and ProductID
  11. Close regedit and launch any Office application, you will be prompted for a license key.
  12. Enter your new license key.

Note: Most ISBER users will need to fill out a help request as we cannot handout the license key.

page | by Dr. Radut